Rates & Bookings



  • Camping pppn $10
  • Chalet (twin bed) pppn sharing $30
    Single supplement on above $35
  • Chalet (self catering family) pppn $35
    Single on above chalet $40
  • Firewood K20 per bundle

Important to have in your travel bags:

  • Warm clothes (for Zambian winter May – August)
  • Malaria prophylactics (November – June.)

Best choices are: malasone, doxycycline, or paludrine, not lariam/meflaquin.)


  • Half way between Livingstone and Kariba.
  • On the Great North Road 11 km North of Monze and 50 km South of Mazabuka.
  • Turn east at the green and yellow sign, only 2 km off the tar road.
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